Methods and Mastery for Creative Businesses










All Kinds of Magic has a simple mission; to change the destiny of Creative Businesses who want to reform, reinvent, re-engineer or expand. 

We work with Creative Businesses that have reached a crossroads, including brand consultancies, creative agencies, design groups, production companies, post-production houses, media businesses, and start-ups. .

Some require renewed relevance, at risk if they don’t evolve or recover past performance. Others may need to grow quickly, find new purpose or prepare for sale. We help set strategies for the future, create sound commercial foundations and structures, refine ways of working and more.

Our role is to equip businesses with the magic, methods and mastery required for long-term value and reputation change. Depending on need and budget, we take on short term fixes or long term programmes of change. 


We work with Owners, Leaders and Management Teams in four ways​


We work to restore former glories and reverse declining fortunes through comprehensive programmes of assessment and repair. 


We redesign for a new lease of life, and show how to live it through the creation of ambitious business models. We reposition, develop new propositions, re-jig structures and spark participation.


We improve existing operations, and help change behaviours and practises through systematic review, re-tooling and re-casting.


We help navigate the course to greater gains and broader horizons through deep understanding of industry direction, strategic growth planning, pre-merger preparation, post-merger integration and convergence management. 



Sally Oldfield


A Creative Industry Leader, Sally has 22 years of first-hand experience in the business. Her multidisciplinary career started  in TV production at Ridley Scott Associates and has since crossed areas of Digital Design and Creative Technology, Brand Consulting and Strategy, Communications, and Digital Marketing. 

A passionate advocate for the super-powers of Creativity and Technology and their value in the world, Sally has a proven track record in building client and agency impact, and in mentoring and accelerating talent. Most recently, she oversaw a major business transformation programme and post-merger integration in the Chief Operating Officer role at Rothco, now part of Accenture Interactive.

Newly independent, and via All Kinds of Magic, Sally’s strategic, creative, analytical and applied experience is now put into full effect to support Creative Business owners leading their firms through pivotal change, and to help them cultivate their companies for greatness.


Claire Corbett


Claire has 20 years experience leading creative businesses. She began her career in McConnell’s and Publicis Dublin. From there she joined the Board of Rothco, which saw the business grow from 40 to over 100 in six years. After leaving full time agency life in 2014, she went to New York to study film, furthering her appreciation of the nexus between creativity and commerciality.

Drawn back by the ambition to reunite creative and media, Claire joined the board of Spark Foundry, and soon moved to the parent company Core, Ireland’s largest marketing communications group. As Director of Agency Development she oversaw a 12 month transformation programme to unify nine independent agencies with 300 people working across strategy, data, media, research, creative, technology, sponsorship, recruitment and training.

At All Kinds of Magic Claire’s multidisciplinary experience brings an expert perspective on convergence and diversification. She is an ardent defender of the commercial value of creativity and loves to see creative businesses succeed and win.



We are Creative Business, Culture, and Operations Consultants, and we’re not of the typical breed. We are…

Humans Working with Humans

Every Creative Business is a unique and delicate collective, and we take an individual, human and culturally sensitive approach to working with each one. Charting new behaviours is often the hardest leg of the journey and this is central to our approach.

Proven Practitioners

We’ve worked at board level across multiple Creative disciplines and run Creative Businesses ourselves. It’s given us a broad perspective not just on agencies and the future of the Industry, but crucially on brands and creativity too.

Defenders of Commercial Value

We have a strategic and ardent stance on the commercial value of Creativity, how to develop it, price, defend and sell it. In spite of their proven value, Creative Businesses often lose out in the procurement stakes, and we work to solve that.

​Implementers and Impactors

We work in the ‘how’, not in management theory or received wisdom. We don’t disappear after analysis and auditing is complete. We implement and make recommended changes real.



We operate from London and Dublin, and work with businesses around the world.

Our approach is based on a track record of improving the fortunes of numerous clients, and combines passion for the Creative Industry with rigour and honesty. Most of all, it’s an approach for the ambitious. If that sounds like you, or what you think your business could use, you can reach us at