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All Kinds of Magic has a simple mission; to equip Creative Leaders with the Methods and Mastery for better business.

As the need to evolve at pace increases, many  business models simply don’t  deliver any longer. We work with progressive leaders to help them see what’s possible, gain new perspectives and build future strategies. Our role is to equip businesses with new growth models, long term relevance  and  sustainable value.

Our approach is based on a proven track record of improving the fortunes of numerous businesses, and combines creative thinking  with rigour, insight  and honesty.  Most of all, it’s an approach for the ambitious. Depending on need and budget, we take on short term fixes or long term programmes of change.


  • “ Claire brings a high level of commercial acumen and client knowledge to agency pricing. She has a long solid track record in helping us deliver on the careful balance between client satisfaction and agency profitability. Besides being a pleasure to work with, Claire thrives on bringing clarity, process and (often underestimated) simplicity to everything she does. I would never recommend her to a competitor."

    Richard Carr - Executive Chairman Droga5 Dublin, Accenture Song Ireland Lead. 

  • “ All Kinds of Magic have been transformational for Catapult.  Claire and Sally looked at every facet of our business, dissected and presented back the good, the bad and the ugly with proposed solutions that were immediately actionable.  Their work is truly collaborative which ensures the ownership stays firmly with the commissioner and ultimately is right for the business.  Claire and Sally are two of the most impressive people I've ever worked with and we have already seen a huge return on investment.  One of the best things we've ever done!"

    Des O’Leary - Group Managing Director - Catapult USA, UK & Ireland

  • “ The reality is there is no silver bullet in terms of future-proofing the advertising industry, but if there was it would look like spending some time with Claire Corbett from All Kinds of Magic. In the few months that we have worked with her, the benefits of bringing an informed fresh pair of eyes into our business has helped us see what’s possible, align our ambitions, as well as preparing our leadership team to set future strategies. Claire's ability to help creative entities navigate shifting sands comes from her invaluable perspective and experience. Practicing patience, flexibility and genuine reinvention rather than change for changes sake, Claire is a true agency of change. At a time when clients are finding new ways and new places to spend their marketing budgets, you can't afford NOT to consider an “insider-outsider” perspective like working with Claire”

    Neal Davies - CEO BBDO Dublin

  • “I’m reluctant to share this testimonial as it feels like I’m giving away one of the industry’s best kept secrets.   After three months working with us, Claire and Sally reengineered our business from the ground up. After six months, we were transformed from a chaotic creative startup into an international marketing and sports entertainment business.  Most importantly this was achieved in a way that not only safeguarded our internal culture & unique identity, but strengthened it.  They are brave thinkers with unparalleled industry smarts, great craic to be around and an energising force that easily live up to their name”

    Ken Robertson - CEO and Founder - The Tenth Man

  • “Claire is a superb practitioner – highly strategic and an exceptionally clear thinker.  She is at home in the choppy waters of transformation and has an instinctive feel for what is required to reach the desired outcome. Her commitment to high standards sets Claire apart; she has a real passion for doing great work. The industry needs more people like her.”

    Alan Cox - Former CEO Core, Dublin. (part of Publicis Groupe)

  • “We approached Sally and Claire for consultation during a transitionary period for our business. We wanted them to look under the bonnet to delve deeper into what we could achieve in terms of evolution and strategy. From the get go we realised that this process would be incredibly thorough and hugely enlightening. Sally and Claire's knowledge of our industry and the market was an enormous boost for us and made us highly motivated to pursue our ambitions. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any company looking to evolve and grow.”

    Ross Killeen - CEO and Founder - Motherland Films

  • "Claire helped Rothco grow from 40 strong to over 100. She helped negotiate some of the strongest contracts that we have.  She drove many of the financial rigour that we operate with. She managed to turn mountains into mole hills, she took the heat out of blazing fires and calmed many waters. Her ability to make work is second to none. Her protection of her team and her clients is unrelenting. If you don’t know Claire Corbett, you need to know this; When history is told and The Rothco Journey is detailed Claire Corbett will be acknowledged as one of the most influential players to have been here." 

    Patrick Hickey - Former CEO and Chairman Rothco Accenture Interactive.


We are Strategic Consultants for Creative Business, and we’re not of the typical breed. We are…
Human Centred Humans

Every business is a unique and delicate collective, and we take an individual, human and culturally sensitive approach to working with each one. Charting new leadership behaviour is often the hardest leg of the journey and this is central to our approach.

Defenders of Commercial Value

We have a strategic and ardent stance on the commercial value of Creativity, how to develop it, price, defend and sell it.

Proven Strategic Leaders

We have worked at board level across multiple disciplines and have run our own Creative Businesses. We have a broad perspective not just on the future of the Creative Industry, but crucially on brands and creativity too.

Implementers and Impactors

We work in the ‘how’, not in management theory or received wisdom. We don’t disappear after the auditing and strategy are complete. We design quarterly operating plans so strategies become measurable and real.


Claire Corbett

Co-Founder @ All Kinds of Magic/ Creative Industry Specialist/ Board Advisor/ Independent COO/Mentor

A Creative Industry Leader for over 20 years, Claire began her career in McConnell’s, before moving to Publicis Dublin. This was during respective heyday periods for both agencies; giving her the opportunity to work across multiple flagship clients, steer some of Ireland’s biggest brands and create award-winning work.

In 2008, she took up her first Board position at  Rothco. Then a small and unproven agency, but she was drawn by their creative ambition and the opportunity to  play a key role in its growth.Claire drove the commercial agenda in order to deliver the strategic and creative ambition of the agency. Through a brutal recessionary period and with no alternative revenue streams other than the value of the strategic and creative product, the business grew from 40 people to over 100 in 6 years. And went on to become arguably Ireland’s most successful creative agency. 

She then went on to pursue a long standing passion to study film in New York, furthering her appreciation of the nexus between creativity and commerciality. Drawn back by the ambition to reunite creative and media in 2016, she joined the Board of Spark Foundry, where she quickly moved to a group role within their parent company Core, Ireland’s Largest Marketing Communications Group.  As Director of Agency Development she designed and delivered an ambitious two year group transformation programme to unify nine independent agencies with 300 people working across strategy, data, media, research, creative, technology, sponsorship, recruitment and training disciplines.

With Core’s transformation complete, Claire then moved on to consult with creative companies large and small. Her mission: to help them gain new perspectives, define their ambitions, chart new behaviours and implement new business models.  From global agency networks, creatively led independent shops, experience agencies, production companies and post houses to creative one-man bands. 

In 2020 All Kinds of Magic was born, with a simple mission; to help creative companies succeed by providing them with the methods, models and mastery for long term value and growth. Claire’s multidisciplinary experience brings an expert perspective on agency strategy and structures, diversification, pricing models, leadership alignment and change management. 

We operate from Dublin and London, and work with businesses around the world.

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